Holiday Exploits


I’ve been having way too much fun the last few weeks and thanks to Matt gifting us with Google Nexus 7 tablets** I’ve been documenting things much more frequently than not. Some of the things I’ve managed to miss getting photos of include sitting in the basement keeping Andy company while he works out (his request) and going out for pizza, also with Andy. There was also a cousin outing to a comedy club but that was mostly awkward. More so the comedians than us, for once. But onwards…

Ice skating with the cousins on a very cold day. There was SO much laughter involved on this day due to some of us not having skated for close to twenty years:


We had crazy blizzard weather last week and I was held hostage at the OFH which meants LOTS of quality time with the brother. Check out that hot goatee:


After a two and a half week break I was finally reunited with my little Emma bean!! It’s hard to not love a face that looks like that.


Best of all I got coffee shop and mall time with my sister-cousin Larisa. Love that girl. Forever21 and H&M are never the same after we’ve visited the mall. :) We also tried a new crepe place that was absolutely divine and they had gluten free options too. Yay!


More to come.

**If anyone wants to play me on Words With Friends my username is Belovedspice 7

My New Hearing Aids



People. I have new hearing aids. My life will never be the same. I can hear so many new things!!!!!!!!! Do not take your hearing for granted, it’s truly a miraculous thing.

You’ll never guess where I got them. I’ll tell you though, so calm down.

Sam’s Club.

I know.

I am so happy. They use Liberty Hearing Products and I walked out with the best of the best that they offer. And the cost? The pair was under $3,200. That’s a steal. I have the engage SIE 64 BTE. Here’s a picture of it from their site:

Here’s what it looks like on:

HAback HAside1 HAside HAfullview


It’s insane the new things I can hear. I just put on a pot of coffee and could hear the coffee dripping into the carafe from across the room. My laptop keys make a clicking noise when I hit them.  I can’t think of other specific things because I’m so wound up. :)

These aids come with up to six different prescriptions. Based on what kind of setting I’m in I can hit a button and it will adjust to the sounds around me. Amazing technology. So, so cool.

I’m really happy.



I’m off to listen.

Just living life over here.


After breaking up with Dave, my front brakes dying, a hole in my tire, a job interview involving slight sexual harassment and no heat for a couple of cold days, I’ve decided that fall is not my season. Period.

But moving on. And up. And out? I’m rocking a new hairdo which makes life fun and exciting, I’m shopping for new glasses AND…new hearing aids!!  You don’t understand how thrilling this is. No really, you don’t. I’m so excited though. Feel free to donate funds. :)

The best news of late is that I just saw my most favorite, beloved sister-cousin Larisa the other night and had a most excellent conversation about not being typical women and how hard it is to not be typical women. We share similar views on not dreaming of having husbands and kids someday and then dealing with strangers and well-meaning but clueless friends telling us that we’re wrong or silly to think that. Humph. We dare to be different. Bug off. :D

If you’re looking for new music, check out Emily Hearn and The Civil Wars.

Everybody, Meet Dave. Dave, Everybody.


I’ve been sitting on a pretty sweet secret that some of you know and some of you don’t. It’s about honking time you all knew. :)

Sarah’s got a boyfriend.

It’s ok. Take a deep breath, go back and read it again. It’s still there. It’s true. It really happened.

Want to see?

But wait, first you need to know some things. His name is Dave. He’s tall. Think 6’8″. He’s a bit older than me. Okay, fifteen years older. We met on a blind date a couple of months ago. I KNOW. He’s got three great kids, he’s just a little bit funny, he’s kind, sweet and such a good man. I like him a lot. :)

Ok, now do you want to see?

IMG_1408 IMG_2302 IMG_2361 IMG_4161

Now maybe you can understand why this blog has been so quiet…I’ve been off gallivanting around with my man. :)

More to come soon!